Home Automation

We turn your home into a smart home to give you the ultimate comfort, convenience and luxury experience. From remote controlled curtains to smart lighting that adjust according to your moods to home security and smart gadgets, your home becomes the epitome of style and gives you an unparalleled, seamless experience that you’ve ever imagined... giving you better control of your home, all with just a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Our smart homes are sustainable, reliable and are equipped with robust interface and networking to give you a lifelong pleasurable experience with zero downtime. Also, these solutions are totally scalable and flexible, so the next time you buy another appliance or replace an old one, you’ll be able to control it too with your fingertips. We customize these solutions as per your requirements to give you optimal value for money.

Mc Smart Plug

Smart plugs use wifi to control of the device anywhere via an App

  • Motorizez Curtains
  • Air-Condition Control
  • Multimedia integration
  • Garden Sprinkles
  • Garage Door Automation

Mc Smart lighting

Take your lifestyle a notch higher with MC Smart Lighting...MC Smart lighting solutions are designed to add comfort and convenience to your life. MC smart lighting solutions give you the flexibility to select the light settings to suit your mood, from low, dim light to colorful party lights, you can do it all with a simple app...Plus, the smart lights will serve as your home security. Simply switch on the lights with the app while you away and give an impression that your home is occupied. Also, the smart lights are energy efficient and will help you save your energy bills!

  • Easy to setup and inexpensive
  • Turn your basic light to dimming or colorful
  • Save energy
  • Secure your home

Mc Smart Securities

Ensure security of you and your loved ones with MC Smart securities solutions, even when you are on the move. Our customized securities solutions can be controlled remotely. From smart locks and smart cameras to smart doorbells- every product is designed to give you and your family the protection and privacy you deserve...The smart doorbells will notify who’s on the other side of the door even without you getting up... Our user friendly feature rich devices come in sleek design to immaculately gel with your interiors.

  • Smart locks
  • Smart cameras
  • Smart doorbells

Mc Smart Video Door Phone (Configuration with AI)

We take your home security to the next level with MC Smart Video Door Phone. The video door phone is built with AI, thus giving you a truly smart 24*7 guard to ensure the security of you and your loved ones. The video door phone has built in LED lights to give you a clearer image of the visitor. It enables 2 way communication and even gives you access to the visitor video.

  • Two way communication
  • You can access photo and video of caller.

Mc Smart Appliances

Turn your ordinary appliances in to smart! We can replace your normal dryer and refrigerator with smart ones to give you a truly enriching experience. Just imagine, you can check the content of your refrigerator from the super market or turn on the dryer while on the move...Moreover, these appliances are energy efficient so you actually save on the energy bills and also help reduce carbon footprint!

  • We can replace your old one with Smart home automation
  • Smart dryer and Smart refrigerator to smart home configuration

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