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MC Smart Homes...Smart Automation Solutions for Better Living

MC Smart Homes is all about adding comfort, convenience and luxury to your home. Build with the state of the art technology, MC Smart Homes offer cutting edge solutions to complement your style and give you peace of mind, whether you are at home or away from your home. Easy to use “One touch solutions by MC Smart Homes truly makes for SMART living. Our solutions are seamlessly integrate all your smart devices and electronic appliances with your smart phone, giving you a complete control of all your devices, home, utilities and home security.

MC Smart Home Solutions include

MC Smart Plug: A simple MC Smart plug in will transform your home into a smart home. These smart plugs work on wifi and enable you to be in complete control through an app. From now on, whether you are relaxing in your home or are outside, you can completely manage your curtains, AC and multimedia. Not just that, with automated garden sprinklers, you won’t need to worry about watering your garden even when you are away on a vacation. Likewise, the Garage Door Automation not only opens the door automatically when you want to drive in, but you can open the garage door for the delivery person to leave your supplies and parcels in the safety of your garage while you are away...Isn’t that incredible?

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